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    Refrigerator Repair West Palm Beach

    The truth about refrigerators is no matter the brand no matter the cost they all have problems at some point. Most brands have parts that are known to fail more then others it is really at matter of the amount of time it will take these particular parts to fail and how detrimental they are to the overall operation of the refrigerator. For example a brand refrigerator where the door solenoid motor is known to fail wouldn’t likely cause as much concern and a brand known for having compressor problems. Because the compressor would make the unit not cool verses the solenoid only stopping the ice from coming out the door. Problem most commons with refrigerators are Defrost Cycle ,Timer or Control related but it can run much deeper into the more mechanical aspect of the refrigeration cycle. The most common symptom of a defrost related issue would be extreme ice or frost buildup in the back panel of the freezer. While timer or control board malfunction symptoms could be no startup , power less, short cycling among many other things. While it is common to expect failure at some point there are things that you can do to help extend the life of the unit. Like removing your rear and front panel and brush and vaccum coils from both the front a rear clearing all dust and debris or anything that could restrict the airflow required to cool the compressor. We at Refrigerator Repair Specialist are trained in all brands of refrigerators and all techs have proper licensing required to handle the refrigerant to the EPA standards. Our techs are also refrigeration specialist and repair Walk in Coolers, Beer Coolers, Substations , Coolers, Freezers and more. We service the following brands Whirlpool , Subzero , GE , Hotpoint , Kitchenaid , Maytag , Amana , LG , Samsung , Frigidaire , Viking , True , Manitoch , Trualsen and much more Call us today at 561-667-8377.

    Refrigerator Repair West Palm Beach | Appliance Repairs