• How to Avoid Refrigerator Repairs


    Refrigerator and appliance repairs are simply a part of life. Eventually all of your appliances will fail you at some point. The problem is that refrigerator repair can sometimes be expensive and can provide you with many costs that you may not have budgeted for. There are however some ways that you can avoid refrigerator repairs by performing regular maintenance. Regular maintenance is simply a preventative measure however should you ever experience a failure or serious emergency with your refrigerator it is always best to call someone at Refrigerator Repair Specialist, we specialize in refrigerator repairs. For now here are some steps that you can take to properly maintain your refrigerator to avoid expensive repair bills and replacement costs.


    1. Changing your temperature control settings and placing them in the middle. Temperature controls and fridges and freezers can be made to run efficiently and to reduce your electricity bill. By finding the temperature control gauge you can adjust the temperature of your fridge and freezer to the perfect temperature to keep all of your foods cold or frozen. Having your refrigerator work overtime will only make it wear out faster. By saving the components in your fridge from working so hard you can effectively reduce your electric bill and make sure that you get the longest usage of your fridge. 

    2. Clear any extra water out of your fridge or drip cup. You may have a drip cup or drip opening in your fridge that will collect extra water and condensation as it builds up. Making sure to avoid any clogs in your fridge will make sure that extra watered does not build up in your fridge or condensation builds up in your freezer. Extra water in your fridge could find its way into electrical components and provide you with a hefty repair bill. 

    3. Cleaning out your condenser coils. Making sure that your condenser coils are clear of any dust will help to make sure that none of the electrical components within your fridge get clogged up or need to work overtime because of dust or hair. To get at the condenser coils in your fridge simply remove the grill at the bottom of your fridge and clear away any dust. You can use a vacuum with the smallest nozzle attachment to very quickly clean the coils out. Doing this just twice a year will help to make sure that your fridge is running as efficiently as possible. 

    4. Cleaning up the fan: this is one of the more difficult maintenance tasks that you can complete and will require you moving your fridge. By getting towards the back of your fridge you can remove the lower back cover on your fridge using a screwdriver. From here you can locate the fan and clean out any of the extra dust that is sitting around the compressor or condenser fan. This tool will help to make sure that your fridge is running as effectively as possible. 

    5. Regularly cleaning your gaskets and inside your fridge: never clean your fridge using strong detergent especially on the gasket inside your fridge. The sealant is around the door to your refrigerator can be very expensive to replace and if you spill any foodstuffs on it is important to wipe it up right away. 


    By performing these regular maintenance tasks you can work to avoid refrigerator repairs. If you do ever have an issue with your refrigerator, or have a question about regular refrigerator maintenance, feel free to call Refrigerator Repair Specialists.